The sinister side of memes

If we’ve learnt anything from the last 5 years or so, it’s that memes are here to stay. They have become intrinsic to our culture, the way we communicate and share information. Even the NSW police have recognised this, and increasingly reinforcing their messages through memes. People often forget, however, that memes can often have sinister connotations, especially when venturing into the 4chan area of the internet.

Take Pepe the Frog, for example. If you didn’t know about it’s recent controversy, you would just look at the meme as just a bit of harmless banter, or shitposting. However, if you know about its now controversial appropriation by some of the ‘alt-right’ community, you would immediately think of anything associated with the ‘alt-right’ (Donald Trump, White supremacists, etc.).

sitting frog meme


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