Sampling and Recycling Music

The use of sampling in music first emerged in the mid-1980’s, where hardware such as the E-MU SP-1200 and Akai S950 allowed smaller studios with smaller budgets to re-use music from other artists and putting a twist on it. Mostly used by Hip-Hop artists, it has since been perfected and is almost a necessity for hip-hop artists and DJ’s.

One artist who is considered as a master sampling is the controversial Kanye West. Almost all of his music samples beats and musical motifs from other artists, but is always used in a way to create something new. In fact one of his songs “Ni**as in Paris”, which was part of his collaboration album “Watch the Throne” with fellow artist Jay-Z, samples dialogue from the 2007 Will Ferrell comedy “Blades of Glory”. Kanye West’s work epitomises how re-using content can be used and manipulated creatively, in order to produce something new.g1492989132513706372

Below is my rather poor attempt at sampling someone’s work and forming something different (although its more of a remix). Enjoy 🙂



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