S i m p s o n s w a v e & G l i t c h A r t

In our fourth BCM112 lecture, we explored the idea of material transformation and digital making. One of the examples discussed was “Glitch Art”, which is basically manipulating digital bugs or glitches, to create an interesting aesthetic. This got me thinking about the Simpsons Shitposting group on Facebook, and how users have manipulated clips from The Simpsons, using similar methods. In fact, this trend is now referred to as “s i m p s o n w a v e”, which refers back to vaporwave  genre, which emerged in the 2010’s.

glitch simpsons art
My attempt at  S i m p s o n w a v e

Much like Glitch Art, vaporwave music principally samples other pieces of music (particularly from the 80’s and 90’s) and then manipulates it to create a strange and unsettling tone. S i m p s o n s w a v e, a sub-genre of vaporwave, first caught on around April last year, through YouTuber FrankJavCee’s video titled “HOW TO SIMPSONWAVE”, which explains the history of s i m p s o n w a v e  and how to s i m p s o n w a v e, in a satirical way. Many are questioning whether these videos are legitimate forms of art or just deeply ironic jokes. I don’t think there will ever be a definite answer to those questions and it is possible for people to enjoy them as either a meme or a piece of art. One thing is for sure: S i m p s o n w a v e demonstrates how exisiting content can be manipulated and used to create something new and beautiful.

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  1. Max! You’ve inspired me. While I have this week’s blog post vaguely organised, I was still deciding what my digital rumination would be – I wanted to do something with music and already have a song in mind, but your explanation of Vaporwave made it clear that this form is the answer. Thanks!

    Your links are great, but if I were to make any changes it would be to see an example of Vaporwave prior to Simpsonwave embedded in the post, just to illustrate the concept directly on the page. Thanks again.

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