DIGC202- Cybercrime and Nigerian Scams

As we move into an increasingly tech-savy world, Cybercrime is becoming an increasing problem. Look at the recent leaks of Hilary Clinton’s e-mails, for example. Another example of cybercrime, which I would like to briefly discuss, is the infamous Nigerian scams.


Nigeria has become infamous for their internet scams and are so notorious that there is a large scambaiting community, dedicated to engaging in conversations with said scammers, simply to waste their time.  Even though many are aware of a scam when they see one, there are still many who fall prey to these scams. The fact is that, as amusing as these e-mails are, they are still serious cybercrimes, which affect many people. Statistics from Scamwatch indicate that $1 390 619 was lost to Nigerian scams, this year alone.

As we move to an increasingly technological world, it is essential that people become wary and sufficiently equipped to avoid any form of cybercrimes.

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  1. I had no idea about these Nigerian scams! This is quite an insightful post with a fresh reference to what cybercrime entails. It’s surprising to discover how many different scams and ways of cybercrime are happening today, nobody is really safe from it. This article was interesting to read regarding how easy it can be for people to fall victim to cybercrime: http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/punjabi/en/article/2016/06/27/corruption-and-fraud-undermining-australias-student-and-skilled-visa-programs

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