BCM332-Final Project

For my digital artefact, I was very keen to continue exploring the issue of misogyny and female representation in film, which I explored throughout the semester. Although Hollywood is beginning to address this issue, the objectification and representation of women in film is still prevalent in the film industry, as demonstrated by the recent all female ‘Ghostbusters’ controversy. However, a major stumbling block of conducting research for this issue, was the difficulty in finding any form of scholarly research on the issue, which is shocking considering how long misogyny in Hollywood has been an issue.  Nonetheless, I was still determined to create a well-researched and interesting video that raises questions on the misogyny and objectification of women that’s portrayed on-screen and that occurs within the Hollywood film industry.


In order to provide focus to the issue of misogyny in Hollywood, I felt it necessary to zone in on a particular case-study, in this case a film-maker, as it would provide context into the underlying issue that plagues the film industry. The film-maker, which I decided to go with, was Michael Bay and he was chosen for two reasons:


1) His films are the perfect examples for demonstrating the perverse nature of ‘The Male Gaze’, which perpetuates misogynist attitudes, especially in “Transformers” which is based on children’s toy and will therefore draw younger audiences.


2) It demonstrates that the way that the Hollywood Industry profits from presenting women in such a fashion (e.g. strong box office numbers)


Most of the research gathered actually stems from my original case study, which discussed the results of a report titled “It’s a Man’s (Celluloid) World: Portrayals of Female Characters in the Top 100 Films of 2015”, which highlighted that “moviegoers were more likely to see male characters at work actually working than female characters” (Lauzen 2015, pg.1). Another research report, conducted by Gender Bias Without Bias, indicated that in 2014 females were more than two times as likely as males to appear partially/fully nude or in skimpy clothing (Smith, Choueiti et al. 2014, pg.5). Although significant steps, such as casting female leads in the  2015 & 2016 Star Wars films, have been made, there’s still a long way to go. It’s essential to do so, as this can help teach younger audiences that women should not be looked down upon nor defined by their appearance and that women are just as capable and flawed as men. After all, no-one’s perfect…


Regarding the video itself, I decided to ironically juxtapose the female empowerment track “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé with the images of objectified women in film, as it would further highlight how imbalanced the Hollywood system is , regarding gender bias, and how much further we have to go. However, due to copyright issues, I was unable to use the song which really sucks!



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Assessment 3- Artwork Project Statement

Title: Reiteration and simulation of conversation

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-1-03-52-am     screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-1-11-06-am

My work is a visual representation, produced through in-game video recordings of The Sims 3, of the repetitive nature and structure of conversations. The concept is inspired by a linguistic theory that perceives conversations as being inherently pre-patterned. Through looping the videos over and over again, the general concept of repetition Is also represented.

The decision to frame the captured videos, into CCTV-like footage, was made as a way to examine our inherently voyeuristic nature and our curiosity in knowing what is going on in the lives of others, from an outsider perspective


The aesthetic of the piece was heavily influenced by Stanza’s body of work, with his art installation ‘God is Watching Over Us Outside in the Panoptican’ being a strong reference point for my work. This particular work consisted of a live CCTV camera from inside a building, which was then projected on the outside of said building.


The challenge of using a video-game as my canvas, was for me, incredibly appealing as it was something that I felt has never really been done before.


Max Clement, 4723545

DIGC202- Everything is connected

In the last DIGC202 class of the semester, we looked into the concept of IOT (short for internet of things). In all honesty, I had literally no idea what this meant. After an hour of research, I finally began to understand what it was.

The internet of things is the term used for the idea that any device could be connected to the internet and to other devices. Gartner, an analyst firm, has predicted that there will be more than 26 billion connected devices by the year 2020. One criticism that has been raised about IOT technology is security. Joseph Steinberg, a cybersecurity expert and current CEO of SecureMySocial, believes that devices are already beginning to track what we do! The internet is a frightening enough place already as it is, so lord only knows what it’ll be like by 2020!


Thanks for following my posts this semester!

Peace out!

DIGC202- Cybercrime and Nigerian Scams

As we move into an increasingly tech-savy world, Cybercrime is becoming an increasing problem. Look at the recent leaks of Hilary Clinton’s e-mails, for example. Another example of cybercrime, which I would like to briefly discuss, is the infamous Nigerian scams.


Nigeria has become infamous for their internet scams and are so notorious that there is a large scambaiting community, dedicated to engaging in conversations with said scammers, simply to waste their time.  Even though many are aware of a scam when they see one, there are still many who fall prey to these scams. The fact is that, as amusing as these e-mails are, they are still serious cybercrimes, which affect many people. Statistics from Scamwatch indicate that $1 390 619 was lost to Nigerian scams, this year alone.

As we move to an increasingly technological world, it is essential that people become wary and sufficiently equipped to avoid any form of cybercrimes.

DIGC202- Hacktivism & Snowden

In the beginning of June 2013, a report was published by The Guardian that stated that the US National Security Agency  (NSA) was secretly accumulating phone records of millions of Americans. The individual responsible for the leak of information was later revealed to be former NSA employee Edward Snowden. This leak arrived only a few years after the equally controversial WikiLeaks publications by Julian Assange, which has just recently released documents of Hilary Clinton’s private speeches. So its interesting that people were as surprised as they were, when the Snowden leaks occurred.

The idea of hacktivism, represented by Snowden and Assange, is one that continues to split the public. Some would say, that Snowden and Assange are heroes and consider them to be the modern robin-hoods. Yet others would consider them to be traitors who endangered thousands of lives. The fact of the matter is that hacktivism is a rising form of protest, which has changed the way we consume the internet and how governments operate.


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