DIGC202-Attention as a currency

In the last lecture, we discussed the fascinating idea that an individual’s attention has now become the principal form of currency, in the ever expanding digital landscape. Which makes sense really, considering how the consumer’s attention span has changed over the years, due to the overflow of information and content available to us.

With the emergence of digital media, traditional media platforms are having to adjust to the fact that money is no longer the endgame: the goal now is to grab the attention of the consumers. If something doesn’t interest the consumer, they can simply change the channel or station until they find something they like. If not, they can simply go online and search specifically for what they want. Sometimes, though, even the consumers don’t know exactly what they want. These are some of the reasons why attention is arguably the most valuable currency in the changing media landscape.

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  1. Nice blog. Was easy to read and you covered the ‘attention economy’ concept very well. With such a focus on attention being the main source of sales revenue you could of possibily delved a little more into the reasons and influences that attract consumers to certain products. Overall great post and nice meme!

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