DIGC202- Introducing Myself

For those of you who don’t know me, or haven’t encountered my blog yet, my name is Max Clement and I am a 3rd  year communications and media & international studies student at UOW. I am majoring in both Digital Media and Global International Media. My main interest remains in film, but everything in media is also quite fascinating. Although I am not the most tech-savvy individual, I am excited, as part of this subject, to develop a Digital Artefact which will provide me with further experience with different forms of technology but also encourage me to step outside my comfort zone and make something new.


So, now that I’ve introduced myself, I want to use this post to introduce my idea for the digital artefact, due at the end of the semester. As I am a huge fan of cinema, I would like to launch either a vodcast or podcast where I will critique films and discuss film-related news. However, the films will not simply consist of Hollywood films, they may also consist of foreign films and even local Australian films. Ideally, I would like a partner to either co-host or film me, as I find it easier to discuss things to someone rather than speaking directly to a voice recorder.


So yeah, that’s my idea for the moment, if you have any suggestions or would like to get involved, post a comment below or:


Tweet me: @max_clement


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