MEDA102- Visual Telegraph/mediation and communication

In the first class for MEDA102 last week, we were taught about code and the various forms that have been created over the years such as binary and morse. This then led to an exercise where, in pairs, we were tasked to create a visual code which would then be used to communicate a message to another group. Although my understanding of visual codes is still quite limited, this task was helpful in teaching me the complex process in sending and receiving messages.


In designing our visual code, my partner and I decided that we would use two primary colours (yellow & red) coloured on two sheets of paper to communicate the message given to us by our teacher. We then created different colour and physical combinations to create a clear alphabet. Additionally, we also decided to add a piece of paper with a big, black X to indicate the cancelling of a letter and also a blank piece of paper to indicate a space in the sentence. We then proceeded to our allocated area at the campus, where we would then attempt to communicate and receive messages to and from another group.


What Worked:

  • The use of the colours (red and yellow) were clear and distinct enough as the foundation for the visual code


  • The use of a blank piece of paper to indicate a space in the sentence worked well


What didn’t work:


  • Some of the physical positions used to distinguish different letters were too similar


  • Trying to communicate our message at the twilight time of day was quite problematic


  • The use of yellow and red for the confirmation and repeat code was confusing






The exercise was a terrific way of introducing me to the different forms of code and communication and I hope that I can further my understanding of coding throughout this subject.


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