Assessment 2: Spatial Portrait

For the Still Image assessment task, I was very interested in creating a visual response to Keiden Cheung’s audio piece titled “Playground, Scared Hound, Had to Drive Out of Town”, which was recorded in Area 19. The principal reason why I was attracted to this piece was because of the incredibly atmospheric and desolate feeling it created.

Having decided and located the area which I was going to photograph, I then took a series of concept images to experiment different ways of conveying that feeling of desolation, created in Keiden’s audio piece.  The photographs presented to you, attempt to form some sort of a narrative, much like many of French photographer Richard Vantielcke’s work. I was also influenced by Michael Wolf’s Paris Roof Tops from 2014. In my still images, I attempted to replicate Wolf’s use of geometry and architecture, but instead of representing density, I wanted to represent desolation and the use of black and white in each photo is what I believe to have been the most effective way of displaying that sense of desolation and loneliness.



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