Ethical Issues of AI

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In the popular 1993 thriller ‘Jurassic Park’, Jeff Goldblum’s  character says to Richard Attenborough’s character ” your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” The reason I quote this, is that in this post, I intend to focus on the ethical aspect of AI. However, before I focusing on the ethical issues of relating to Artificial Intelligence, I will first attempt to differentiate ethics and morals, as they are often intertwined and confused with each other.

Separating the ethical and moral aspects of any particular topic is incredibly difficult, as ethics and morals often cross-over and are almost one of the same. Now for those of you who don’t know, the word ‘ethics’ originates from the Greek word ethos and ethikos and the word ‘morals’ is derived from the Latin word mores and moralis. In an article…

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For the Still Image assessment task, I was very interested in creating a visual response to Keiden Cheung’s audio piece titled “Playground, Scared Hound, Had to Drive Out of Town”, which was recorded in Area 19. The principal reason why I was attracted to this piece was because of the incredibly atmospheric and desolate feeling it created.

Having decided and located the area which I was going to photograph, I then took a series of concept images to experiment different ways of conveying that feeling of desolation, created in Keiden’s audio piece.  The photographs presented to you, attempt to form some sort of a narrative, much like many of French photographer Richard Vantielcke’s work. I was also influenced by Michael Wolf’s Paris Roof Tops from 2014. In my still images, I attempted to replicate Wolf’s use of geometry and architecture, but instead of representing density, I wanted to represent desolation and the use of black and white in each photo is what I believe to have been the most effective way of displaying that sense of desolation and loneliness.


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