Since I first started thinking about the best way to create a digital storytelling project that will expand on the issues from BCM240 which revolved around the spatial nature of media practices and audience experiences, were explored in my last 4-5 blog posts. So, whilst thinking about how I could approach this project, I came to the conclusion that I will use film reviews as a platform to explore these issues. But, before starting that, I had to find out for myself, how to find a blogger who shares a story with me and then establish a relationship with that particular blogger.

Having been a blogger since March of last year, I have become increasingly comfortable with my writing style. Although I still have a long way to go before I can claim myself to be an established blogger, I believe that this project has helped me take a significant step towards that stage. However, despite having been a blogger for almost a year, I still haven’t found a particular audience to target my writing towards and still haven’t attracted the amount of readers that I had intended. Therefore, I felt that, whilst working on the project, it was important to find some research which could help me attract more readers and find my target audience.

Josie Ahlquist (pg. 6, 2014) , a higher education leadership doctoral candidate at California Lutheran University, stated that “bloggers establish their own voice and expression”. However, the problem regarding blogging, is how to make yourself heard amongst so many others. In the same article, Marci Walton, who had been blogging for less than a year, highlighted that it is important, as a blogger, not to focus completely on the statics of it. Walton (pg.6, 2014) states specifically that instead of participating, in what she calls ‘the numbers game’, bloggers should instead work on gaining personal connections as ” personal connections matter, especially in the world of storytelling”.  Having read this, I have since then worked quite hard on making personal connections and in fact have had my blog reviewed by a popular blogger which I manage to get in contact with.  This was a big step for me, as it meant that I now have one established reader who could possibly share some of my writing and henceforth expand my audience.

In regards to the content of my digital project, I decided to expand on two topics from BCM240 which I found the most interesting: the change in the way we watch television and the spatial aspect of social media and how we use it. Admittedly, the 2nd topic veered in a different direction from what we had learned in class, but I still felt that it was a subject well worth delving into. The use of social media, particularly at the moment, is at an all-time high and it was interesting to explore the darker side of it, particularly Facebook. Additionally, I felt that a short review of the film “Unfriended” was a perfect introduction into what I had to say. I felt the same way about my previous post about a Doctor Who episode. The review of the episode blended nicely into the concepts that I wanted to talk about. So, overall, I was very happy with the content I produced, and I hope that it will attract more readers.

Having discussed what I was happy about my project, I now want to focus on the regrets I have about my project. My principal regret I have about my digital project was my time management and organization. As a university student, I really need to organise myself better than I have lately. There was much more that I wanted to do with my project, which I wasn’t able to because of time constraints. I originally conceived my project as a 4 part blog post, yet because of the length of the first two blog posts, I had to split it into a simple two-part project. The second regret is that I wish I had some experience in making a video blog. Being a bit shy, I hate recording myself on camera and that was going to be a problem if I wanted to make a vlog.

Overall, I was satisfied with how my project came out, but was more pleased in what I learnt from the task. My writing style continues to improve, as does my connections with fellow bloggers. I hope that in 2-5 years time, I will look back on this project as a stepping stone.


Bessette, LS 2014, ‘Student Affairs Leaders Share Tips for Blogging’, Women in Higher Education (10608303), vol. 23, no. 8, p. 6. Available from: 10.1002/whe.20094. [1 November 2015].


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