The Interview/Final Post

As I have previously established in my posts, my interest, which will be further examined in Assessment 2 revolves around the arrival of Netflix in Australia. The relevance and the timing of the topic were major factors in my choosing of the topic, and the group in which I was assigned chose the same topic for similar reasons. So, in this final blog post, I intend on posting a short interview which I conducted during the week with my mate Blair on Netflix and movie piracy.

 Prior to the arrival of Netflix in Australia, how did you obtain videos online?

So, before Netflix I actually did rent for quite a while, I can say that I’ve never downloaded a movie in my life, but I have been at a friend’s house where we’ve streamed movies.

Would you consider piracy as a form of theft?

It’s always in the back of my head that it’s illegal to download, but I think (that) because it’s available and everyone does it, it feels like why can’t I if everyone else is?

Do you think that the cost of seeing a movie affects the rate of people pirating?

Yeah definitely, you can stream a movie for free and yes its illegal but Australian is not as harsh on pirating as overseas for example, and a movie costs like $15, even Netflix at I think it’s around $8 a month, is so much cheaper and convenient. The mark up on movies is ridiculous and that’s why piracy is so big.

The purpose of this interview was to test possible questions for both the survey and focus group interview which will be conducted as part of a group research task. Although the questions were rather open-ended, they provided significant insight as to the mindset behind pirating. In terms of adaptation, we will have to alter the question slightly, in order for it to focus on free-to-air television and Foxtel. I also think that, for our questionnaire, our questions will have to be a lot more direct and specific.



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