Dallas ‘Piracy’ Club

In case you haven’t heard, the producers of the film “Dallas Buyers Club” recently won a case against internet providers, iiNet and M2, who refused to identify the individuals who illegally downloaded the film. So, in light of this news, I intend on investigating the issue further by analysing the research conducted by W.D. Walls in his journal article ‘Cross- Country analysis of movie piracy’.

‘Cross country analysis of movie piracy’ is an article which is part of the 2008 ‘Applied Economics’ journal and was written by W.D. Walls, a professor at the University of Calgary. The fact that he teaches a subject concerning the economics of the movie business tells us that he is qualified to comment on this subject.  So, who exactly is this article intended for? The article is intended primarily for people interested in economics, the film industry and social behaviour, indicated by Walls (pg. 626) in the introduction section of his paper. The purpose of the paper is clearly stated in the introduction section, which is “to examine empirically movie piracy” and “increase our empirical knowledge of film piracy” Walls (pg.626, 2008). Walls uses a very formal style, evidently displayed in the reliance of quantitative data such as tables and graphs. The use of tables and graphs are used principally to interest the readers with interests in economics. The article is well organised, and is split into four labelled sections. One criticism I have for the article, is towards the research. Walls is too reliant on secondary data, and the article doesn’t appear to feature any form of primary data. Using primary data would have helped make the article more relatable for the reader. However, the neutral angle in which the article is written, is one of the better aspects of the articles. By not making a judgement on movie piracy, Walls manages to adhere to the fore mentioned purpose of the research paper.

In general, W.D Walls’ article is well-written, well-structured and informative, but is a little too reliant on the research of others, and this can isolate the reader from the topic.


Walls, W.D. 2008, ‘Cross- country analysis of movie piracy’, Applied Economics, vol.40, no. 5, pp. 625-632




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