Netflix in Australia

In light of the recent addition of Netflix in Australia, I have decided, for this week’s blog post, to analyse an article from the Sydney Morning Herald which attempts to predict the effects of Netflix’s arrival towards Australian television. In the last few years, Netflix has dominated the internet streaming market in the U.S. and has provided both cable and free-to-air television networks serious competition.  Now, 8 years after its inception, Netflix has arrived to change the television market in Australia.

The Sydney Morning Herald article, written by Elizabeth Knight and Jared Lynch, takes a business-orientated perspective on Netflix and comments mostly on the possible economic effects that Netflix will have on cable and free-to-air networks. The authors, Elizabeth Knight and Jared Lynch are both specialists in the business domain, which indicates that they are qualified to comment and write on this subject. However, in an age where news is dominated by moguls, it is understandable to question the motive behind any article.  However, in reading the article, it seems that the Knight and Lynch have written from a neutral perspective, which is a great thing. In regards to the audience, I believe that the article is targeted towards people with an interest in business or media & technology.  In reading the article, I noticed that there seemed to be no evident viewpoint other than that 2015 will be “the tipping point in the fortunes of traditional free and pay television”.   Furthermore, the authors’ don’t seem to critique possible flaws in the viewpoints or statements expressed by others.

Now, to address the major issue of the article: the research.  The major issue in the article is the failure to address the source of the research and the methodology. Now, this may be because it’s only a newspaper article and not a scholarly, journal article, however, when placing statistics in any form of article, you should refer to both the source of the research and (if applicable) the methodology.  However, one of the best things about the article is the simplistic language used which allows, even non-technologically savvy individuals to understand. Because the article was written for a newspaper, there is no specific order and the article is not divided into sections.

Overall, the article is an informative but heavily flawed prediction of the way Netflix could effect both free-to-air and cable television.


Knight,E & Lynch, J 2015, ‘Arrival of Netflix and SVOD set to change Australian TV’, Sydney Morning Herald, 28th March, viewed 29th March 2015, <>


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