The Significance of Global News

In the era of mass globalization, the news has become increasingly global. However, Clausen (2003) believes that as a result of the increased globalization of news, an increasing amount of news stories are being domesticated in order to interest and relate to local viewers. This belief raises the question: Just how important is global news?

Before analysing the importance of global news, it is imperative to understand what constitutes as “news”. Goffman (1986, pgs. 14-15) believes that events or stories which are considered newsworthy are often amazing or shocking and are picked by reports based on their overall knowledge of the world. If this is indeed the case, then it is fair to assume that the reason behind channel nine’s largely domestic news content is due to an insufficient understanding of the globe.

So, now that we addressed what constitutes as “news”, we can now determine the significance of global news.  Global news is essential for two principal reasons. Firstly, it increases our understanding of different cultures and situations occurring worldwide. For example, the news program on the excellent independent channel “SBS” details both global conflicts or situations and special cultural events or doings, whilst still covering domestic news. In doing this, they provide viewers with greater global awareness. The second reason for its significance is its limited amount of bias. Unlike Fox News, BBC news is a respectable and trusted news source as it provides global news stories without an agenda and with little bias.

Global news is significant in many more ways, but the fore mentioned reasons principally represent its importance.


Clausen, L 2003, ‘Global News Communication Strategies- 9.11. 2002: Around the World’, Nordicom Review, No 3. Fall Edition, Göteborg, Nordicom

Goffman, E 1986, Frame Analysis: An Essay on the Organization of Experience, University Press of New England, Massachusetts, USA


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