The Finale: Reflecting on my Blogging Journey

As this is my last blog post for BCM110 L I would like to reflect on my 5 week blogging experience and the way writing these posts has altered my perspective on the media. When I first started writing my first post, I was rather ignorant of all media-based issues and didn’t realize HOW influential and controlling the media can be. By examining various case studies such as The Murder of Jamie Bulger and Miley Cyrus as well as various theories such as ‘The Public Sphere’ and the ‘Cultivation Theory’ I have gained a deeper understanding of the way the media can manipulate society.  I also believe that writing weekly blog posts has taught me the value and importance of blogging and the way it can provide fresh, innovative perspectives on global affairs.

The idea of media effects is a one which I have found to be the most interesting, to both research and write about. Learning about media effects, such as violence on TV, and how it can influence individuals really helped me form a new perspective on how influential and even dangerous the media can be. Reading David Gauntlett’s article on the ‘Effects Model’ was extremely thought-provoking  and was effective in demonstrating an alternative theory to the generalised idea that the media is responsible for violence in society.


Looking back on my first blog post, I must confess that I believe my writing has improved with every blog post that I have done. I remember feeling frustrated whilst writing the first post, as I was not familiar with the method of writing a blog post. It was by continual practice and reading the blogs of fellow students that I was able to understand the method of writing a blog post and thus was able to appreciate blogging as a skill and differentiate blog writing to other forms of writing.


So, to conclude, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my posts and I hope you enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them.


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